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Logo Registration Kerala

By Saturday, 25-May-2019

Logo formats vary depending on usage and the design package selected, but it generally consists of the Following:

                           EPS The artwork in encapsulated Postscript format (EPS).  This is the file required for traditional reproduction (printing).  It is both scalable (can be re-sized without any degradation in quality) and editable.  It can be utilized by most commercial printers and software packages.  This file contains all new logo fonts, colours that will assure uniform colour accuracy in all future uses Logo Registration Kerala.

                             GIF - The artwork as it appeared on the page.  (72 dpi 216 index colour).  This Pixel based logo format is suitable for web or other low-rez reproduction.  As this file is non-scalable (cannot be resized without image degradation) several pixel width sizes are provided which can all be imported into web pages ‘size-is’ for maximum image quality, resolution and colour accuracy Logo Registration Kerala.

                        JPG A hi-resolution JPG version of logo artwork.  This high-resolution file (300 dpi – dots per inch) can be converted and imported into most desktop publishing and word processing software that supports the tiff and / or JPG format.  This file can be re-sized (down) and be used as monitor friendly (RGB) or print friendly (CMYK).  This pixel-based image can also be imported in popular image-manipulation programs like Adobe Photoshop for special effects Logo Registration Kerala.

                        Linear.EPSA one tone (black) version of the logo for use on faxes, invoices and other low-reproduction quality media.  This logo is redrawn with this use in mind rather than simply converted in to a gray scale from the original source files.  This enables the most-effective representation of a logo in a low-resolution, black and white use Logo Registration Kerala.

                            Grey scale EPSA halftone (black) version of the logo.  This logo is recreated with tonal differences in mind.  Sometimes, colors that contrast vividly with their neighbours blend together when simply converted to black and white Logo Registration Kerala. 


     Before finalizing the company logo, one should register the same to protect it from use by other companies.  Process of registering a Trade Mark involves the following steps:

Ø  Filing of Trade Mark

o   Filling of Trade Mark Application with the logo or word mark (as may be applicable), along with the applicants’ particulars, including his address (in case of a company, the registered address of the company)

Ø  Objections

Meet the objections raised in the examination report by the Registrar before the orders for publication in the Trade Mark Journal.  Additional evidence is required at the time of examination of the mark and prior to its publication in the Trade Mark Journal to prove distinctive of the mark Logo Registration Kerala.


Documents/Information to Prove Distinctive

·         The extent of advertisement with a few sample copies of advertising material and brochures;

·         The quantum of usage with a few invoices and sale under the Trade name;

·         The extent of use of the mark in respect of time and area;

·         A brief write-up on the importance attached to the trade mark in particular;

·         The date of commencement of the use of the mark;

  Post Advertisement

After the advertisement of the Mark in the Journal, it is open for the general public to file their objections to the grant of such trademark registration services Logo Registration Kerala.

   In case No Objection Is Raised By Public

If no objection is raised by the general public, the Registrar may thereafter pass an order for registration of the Trade Mark and shall provide a certificate of registration of the mark Logo Registration Kerala.