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Copyright Registration Kerala

By Thursday, 08-August-2019


Copyright is the right of literary property as recognized and sanctioned by positive law. It is an intangible, incorporeal right granted by statute to the author or originator of certain literary or artistic productions, whereby he is invested, for a specified period, with the sole and exclusive privilege of multiplying copies of the same and publishing and selling them. International copyright is the right of subject of one country for protection against the republication in another country of a work which he originally published in his own country Copyright Registration Kerala.

The Copyright Act, 1957 has been enacted to amend and consolidate the law relating to copyrights in India. The object of the law is to facilitate, encourage and motivate artists, composers, software programmers, etc. to create original works by a system of granting exclusive right for a limited period to re-produce the work for the benefit or consumption of the public. After the expiry of the specified period the work will belong to the public domain and one may reproduce them without permission. Thus the producer of an original work is enabled to prevent others from creating or reproducing his work and in this sense, the author gets the monopoly right in his favor. With the growth of science and technology as well as with the growth in inventive and creative flourish in various aspects of literary, artistic, musical and other arts, the need for copyright protection has become all the more important Copyright Registration Kerala.

Thus the exclusive right given by the law for a certain term of years to an author of a work to print, publish and sell copies of his original work is collectively referred as the copyright in a work. In fact by definition, copyright means the exclusive right to do or authorise others to do certain acts in relation to literary, dramatic, music work, artistic work, cinematographic film and records The importance of copyright was recognised only after the print media as invented about five centuries back which enabled reproduction of books and literatures in large numbers. Logically, the Indian copyright law followed the British law on the subject Copyright Registration Kerala.

Our government though committed to protect the interests of artists of Indian culture and literature, is to adapt the rapidly changing global economical trade scenario. In this backdrop, the 1957 Act was recently amended by the Copyright (Amendment) Act, 1999 seeking to extend the term of protection of performer's rights from twentyfive years to fifty years. The Amendment Act provides for powers to government to extend the provisions of the Act to broadcasts and performances made in other countries provided those countries give reciprocal protection to broadcasts and performances made in India Copyright Registration Kerala.